Hello, I'm Voxada.

Voxada is a new cloud based PBX company, whose managing partners have over 22 years of experience providing world class phone solutions. With our cloud based service, you can lose the clunky, traditional phone systems and cut your costs significantly.

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Supercharge Your Phone

With a modern web portal to let you manage your voicemail, purchase phone numbers, setup auto attendants, block unwanted callers, and a lot more, your phone will have super powers.

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Business Phone Solutions

Our fully featured VoIP solution allows your staff to focus on more important tasks. The auto attendant minimizes your need for a receptionist, while still getting calls where they need to go.

Residential Consumer Services

Cut down on your montyly bills with Voxada's VoIP service. With all the same features you're used to (and a lot more), start saving today and tell the kick the big phone company to the curb.

Spend Less, Get More

Voxada’s business VoIP solutions come packed full of features that you need to keep your business running smoothly at no extra cost.

What's So Special About Voxada?

The combination of the powerful features in our VoIP business solution gives you more time, more money, and a more professional image. Whether you’re in meetings all day, or sitting at your desk working out the “next big thing”, or just having dinner with your spouse or children, your calls will be answered, and directed to the appropriate extension or voice mailbox. Taking one less stress and worry away from you.

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What Can I Do With Voxada?

It's more than just phone calls, that's for sure. With Voxada, you can eliminate a lot of expensive and bulky equipment by sending and receiving faxes with your computer. Take phone calls on your mobile phone, computer, or land line with Find Me Follow Me. Setup auto attendants to answer your customer calls and route them correctly. Call from the web using our web portal and your mouse. Always know who is calling with enhanced caller id.

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Enhanced Caller Id

Reveal blocked numbers so you always know who’s calling, every time.

Built-In Calling Features

Call waiting, auto attendants, and call transferring!!


Send and receive faxes through our convenient, user-friendly web interface.

Find Me Follow Me

Receive your calls no matter where you are.

Remote Office Access

Make calls no matter where you are, as long as you have an internet enabled device.

Local And Toll Free Numbers

Choose from virtual local telephone numbers or toll free 800 telephone numbers.


Enjoy the simplicity of Voxada voicemail, with multiple inboxes.

Web Portal

Our advanced web portal allows you to take your business with you everywhere.

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There's a bit more that Voxada can do.

No Contract. No Setup Fees. As Low As $10 A Month. Cancel At Anytime.