Calling Features

Voxada’s business VoIP solutions come packed full of features that you need to keep your business running smoothly at no extra cost.

Hosted Phone System
Voxada is hosted 100% in the cloud, allowing for easy syncing of all your devices, so you’ll never have a missed call or message.
Unlimited Calls
Make as many calls as you need, at any time, to anywhere in the U.S.
Call Recording
Keep a record of all your calls and never miss an important detail. Or check for discrepancies if a dispute arises.
Call Screening
Our enhanced Caller ID system always lets you know who is calling, providing you with as much information about the call as possible.
Call Forwarding
Forward your calls to another device or number so you won’t miss that important call, even when you’ve stepped out of the office.
3 Way Calling
Organize a phone meeting with multiple parties across multiple locations with ease.
Transfer Calls
With the press of a few buttons, transfer calls to other extensions or lines with our blind or announced call transfer.
Caller ID
Know who is calling you every time.
Call Waiting
Is a call coming in while you’re on the line with another client? No worries. As long as the caller stays on the line, you’ll be able to answer that call as soon as you’ve finished with the other.
Click To Call
Our web interface has a convenient address book for you to fill with all your important contacts. Simply click on their number in the address book and your device will make your call for you. Calling couldn’t get any simpler.
Number Blocking
Block unwanted or spammy numbers with a click.
Hold Music
Don’t leave your customers in silence while they wait, give them some tunes to listen to.
Dial and make calls directly from your computer or laptop. No devices needed.
Extension Dialing
Multiple extensions per line mean less lines you need to buy. Dial from extension to extension with ease.

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