Why Voxada?

Voxada is a new cloud based company, whose managing partners have over 22 years of experience providing world class phone solutions. With our cloud based service, you can lose the clunky, traditional phone systems and cut your costs significantly.

With Voxada:

  • Save on the traditional costs of replacing and repairing expensive phone equipment. There is no equipment needed to get started with us today.
  • You’ll only have one service provider for all your phone needs: adding new lines and numbers, local and long distance service, and even faxing!
  • No need to call your IT department every time you need to add new employees, new features, or new lines. It’s all done from your web portal in the cloud.
  • Voxada can bring your business to the forefront of business phone technology at a fraction of the price you’re currently paying.

Benefits of using Voxada

The combination of the powerful features in our VoIP business solution gives you more time, more money, and a more professional image. Whether you’re in meetings all day, or sitting at your desk working out the “next big thing”, or just having dinner with your spouse or children, your calls will be answered, and directed to the appropriate extension or voice mailbox. Taking one less stress and worry away from you.

Switching to Voxada is a cinch

Ready to make the switch to Voxada and say good bye to clunky and over priced landlines? We make sure switching to Voxada is a simple and easy task. You’ll even be able to keep your old numbers, so you won’t miss a beat. Installing and using Voxada is as easy as logging into your Voxada account. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Voxada today.

Want to know more?

Contact our sales team to find out more about Voxada's plans and pricing. Be sure to check out all the features of our custom business VoIP solution.