Remote Office Access

On the go? That means no worries if you’re using Voxada. Even if you’re calling from bumper to bumper traffic on the highway, you’ll still be able to call out using your office line using a softphone or SIP app on your smartphone or other internet enabled device.

When you place a call from any of your devices, it will always appear to the other party as if you’re calling from your desk phone. Using our web portal, you will be able to manage all of your phone communications from nearly anywhere.

How It Works

When you’re ready to make a call using the web interface, you’ll be able to indicate the number you want to call, and the number of the phone you want to use to make the call. Your phone will ring and you’ll be put on hold as Voxada connects your call. And if the person you’re calling has caller ID, your call will show up as your office line phone number from Voxada.

Switching to Voxada is a cinch

Ready to make the switch to Voxada and say good bye to clunky and over priced landlines? We make sure switching to Voxada is a simple and easy task. You’ll even be able to keep your old numbers, so you won’t miss a beat. Installing and using Voxada is as easy as logging into your Voxada account. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Voxada today.

Want to know more?

Contact our sales team to find out more about Voxada's plans and pricing. Be sure to check out all the features of our custom business VoIP solution.