Voxada’s voicemail comes packed full of easy to use, time saving features. You get to choose how you want to check your messages: from the web, from your email, or by calling in. You can instantly access your messages anytime you need to, from wherever it’s most convenient.

Voicemail to Email

What could be more simple than receiving voicemail notifications right in your email inbox, and listening to them right there, without leaving your inbox, without calling in, and without logging into the web portal? Forwarding voicemails couldn’t get any easier than sending an email.

Personal Greetings

Make a statement when you miss a call, or send one to voicemail, with personal greetings for each inbox. Let your callers know they’ve reached the right person so they can feel confident their message will be heard.

Benefits Of Using Voxada

The combination of the powerful features in our VoIP business solution gives you more time, more money, and a more professional image. Whether you’re in meetings all day, or sitting at your desk working out the “next big thing”, or just having dinner with your spouse or children, your calls will be answered, and directed to the appropriate extension or voice mailbox. Taking one less stress and worry away from you.

Want to know more?

Contact our sales team to find out more about Voxada's plans and pricing. Be sure to check out all the features of our custom business VoIP solution.